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Skin Care Product


As the constant theme of mankind, our company concentrates on exporting cosmetics as well. We provide customer with natural skin care product. Especially, products made from Japanese horseradish could help each beauty with perfect skin care.


1. Wasabiha Series

Products above are washing cream, clear lotion, and all-in-one jel made from Japanese horseradish.


2. Cleansing Sheet

One piece for 4 roles those are cleansing, face-washing, moisturizing, soft-peeling. This product is popular among Japanese due to its portability.


3. La Reflet

Shampoo and conditioner are all made from Yuzu(fruit) salt. Initial of this product is to make hair soft and shiny by natural ingredients.


4. Skin Care Milk and Body Shampoo for Baby & Adult with Sensitive Skin

The first product could be painted on face and body, and the second one is used for washing face, body, and hair.


5.UV Mist & Disinfectant Mist

UV Mist is made for baby and mom who have sensitive skin. The second product could be used for family with baby since it is alcohol-free.





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